Animations and pictures

An airplane produces vortices. In their whole they represent a closed vortex ring around the entire flight path. The causal cause of the emergence of the vortex ring is excluding dawn by the down wash. How the down wash develops, shows up in the window: the wing works like a piston, however with under and top side.

In the next picture a lot of vanes indicate the process of the down wash produced by a wing to air:

An airplane produces by that down wash briefly in each place of its flight path an air flow - for impulse. Thus a vortex ring develops around the entire joining course. This forward constantly extends.

The following sketch shows the front and rear part of the vortex ring:

You see a start-stop-flygt. Around the wing profile the profile fortex develops, around the starting place of the rear edge of the profile develops the starting eddy. Between both the down wash is to be seen as causers of both vortices.

The next picture shows the remaining two whirling hurry of the entire vortex ring, which form in frontview, the wing eddies. They are eddy-drag an airplane. The wing eddies develop causally from the down wash, not from a balance current from wing under to upper side of wing.

The real picture shows the vapor trails behind an airplane.

How their spirals develop, the wing vortices show.